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Nginx UI

Yet another Nginx Web UI

Simple, powerful, and fast.

Nginx UI

Online Statistics for Server Indicators

Monitor CPU usage, memory usage, load average, and disk usage in real-time.


Online ChatGPT Assistant

Get assistance from an AI-powered ChatGPT directly within the platform.


One-Click Deployment and Automatic Renewal

Easily deploy and auto-renew Let's Encrypt certificates with just one click.


Online Editing Websites Configurations

Edit configurations using our NgxConfigEditor block editor or Ace Code Editor with nginx syntax highlighting.


Online View Nginx Logs

Access and view your Nginx logs directly online.


Written in Go and Vue

The platform is built with Go and Vue, and distributed as a single executable binary.


Automatically Test and Reload Configurations

Test configuration files and reload nginx automatically after saving changes.


Web Terminal

Access a web-based terminal for easy management.


Dark Mode

Enable dark mode for a comfortable user experience.


Responsive Web Design

Enjoy a seamless experience on any device with responsive web design.

Released under the AGPL-3.0 License. (cb5196b1)